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More terrorist activity by Israel adamcw 03/24/2004
Hoorah for freedom of speech and expression! adamcw 03/23/2004
Fourteen die as Israeli tanks and gunships raid Gaza refugee camps adamcw 03/07/2004
Same again, this time here in Australia adamcw 02/08/2004
US probes military sex attacks adamcw 02/06/2004
"I'm not reading this. This is bullshit!" adamcw 02/03/2004
Islamophobia adamcw 01/21/2004
USA troops murder protestors... adamcw 01/13/2004
USA government tramples on civil rights again adamcw 01/12/2004
All the excuses for invading Iraq, lies adamcw 01/12/2004
Lies, lies, and more lies... adamcw 01/10/2004
Yet more USA war crimes... adamcw 01/09/2004
More USA war crimes... adamcw 01/09/2004
No Saddam, al-Qaeda link: report adamcw 01/08/2004
USA admits "No weapons of mass destruction" adamcw 01/08/2004
The Bush family's NAZI connections... adamcw 12/28/2003
Israel does more NAZI stuff... adamcw 12/23/2003
Libya to give up NBC weapons development adamcw 12/19/2003
USA marines, war crimes, caught on video... adamcw 12/12/2003
I hate bureaucracy adamcw 12/10/2003
US attack kills six children adamcw 12/10/2003
Israel trains US assassination squads in Iraq adamcw 12/09/2003
USA kills more children... adamcw 12/07/2003
USA restricts freedom of citizens speaking against their government adamcw 12/07/2003
At last, someone gets it! adamcw 11/19/2003
Spreading American values adamcw 11/19/2003
USA guilty of biological weapons development... again... adamcw 11/18/2003
99 Luftballoons adamcw 11/18/2003
USA blocks UN resolution against Israel... again... adamcw 10/14/2003
Here we go again... adamcw 10/14/2003
USA protects Israel adamcw 10/13/2003
Israel's war crimes adamcw 10/13/2003
USA government caught lying again... adamcw 10/13/2003
Disaster zone declared after Israeli raid adamcw 10/12/2003
Shoot a civilian, say he/she was a terrorist, problem solved... adamcw 10/12/2003
Israel, nuclear and under covers... adamcw 10/12/2003
Israel slaughters more children... adamcw 10/10/2003
Nobel Peace Prize 2003 adamcw 10/10/2003
Iraq - Life before and after sanctions adamcw 10/10/2003
Israeli troops storm Gaza refugee camp adamcw 10/10/2003
Professional military adamcw 10/07/2003
Roadmap to War... adamcw 10/06/2003
Israel's crimes continue... adamcw 10/06/2003
An Australian perspective on the War on Terror adamcw 10/01/2003
George Bush's impact on the USA's labour and education sectors adamcw 09/08/2003
Am I occasionally in favour of wiping out entire cultures? You bet. adamcw 09/02/2003
Adam vs God(s) adamcw 08/30/2003
Saving Private Lynch adamcw 08/13/2003
Richard Dawkins versus the Nutters adamcw 08/07/2003
Freedom adamcw 07/09/2003
An interesting section of the US constitution adamcw 07/09/2003
Hitler and Christianity adamcw 07/08/2003
Terry Jones on Bush and Iraq adamcw 07/07/2003
Tao Te Ching adamcw 07/07/2003
Rachel Corrie adamcw 07/07/2003
Shock And Awe adamcw 07/07/2003
Axis of Evil Wannabes, by John Cleese adamcw 07/07/2003
Kangaroo Court adamcw 07/07/2003
Book recommendations adamcw 07/07/2003
The idiocy of Australian police adamcw 07/06/2003
William Blum adamcw 07/06/2003
McCarthyism Watch adamcw 07/06/2003
Thoughts on the War On Terror (tm)... adamcw 07/06/2003
The United States of America has gone mad adamcw 07/06/2003
Israel unleashes its death squads adamcw 07/06/2003
America tore out 8000 pages of Iraq dossier adamcw 07/06/2003
What kids are taught in Israel adamcw 07/06/2003
USA's invasion of Iraq, 2003 adamcw 07/06/2003
History of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict adamcw 07/06/2003
War on terror? adamcw 07/06/2003
Coup 2K adamcw 07/06/2003
Various links about Israel's ethnic cleansing activities adamcw 07/06/2003
Ariel Sharon adamcw 07/06/2003
Review of old material adamcw 07/06/2003
Violence adamcw 07/06/2003
Which Step Is Most Important? adamcw 07/06/2003
Human evolution adamcw 07/06/2003
Is Material Wealth Bad? adamcw 07/06/2003
Capitalism adamcw 07/06/2003
Globalisation adamcw 07/06/2003
Einstein and religion adamcw 07/06/2003
A little Middle Eastern history... adamcw 07/06/2003
Was the USA right to nuke Japan's civilians? adamcw 07/06/2003
War and Responsibility adamcw 07/06/2003
The True Gentleman adamcw 07/06/2003
Fourth of July adamcw 07/04/2003
Skull & Bones adamcw 07/02/2003
President Bush's Cabinet - The Corporate Connection adamcw 07/02/2003
Results adamcw 06/30/2003
Who is Scaramouche? adamcw 06/30/2003
Prologue adamcw 06/30/2003

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