Iraq - Life before and after sanctions 

Iraq - Life before and after sanctions

Interesting figures...


Hospital beds:
Before sanctions: 1.9/100
After sanctions: 1.4/100

Life expectancy:
Before sanctions: 65 years
After sanctions: 59 years

Infant mortality:
Before sanctions: 80/1000
After sanctions: 104/1000

Adult literacy rate:
Before sanctions: 89%
After sanctions: 58%

Student enrollment:
Before sanctions:
Primary School: 99%
Secondary School: 47%
Number of School Buildings: 9460
After sanctions:
Primary School: 80%
Secondary School: 31%
Number of School Buildings: 7572

Education status:
Before sanctions: Public education was free and compulsory at all levels.
After sanctions: UNICEF estimated that only 10% of Iraq's needs for education could be met by the Oil for Food Programme.

Calory intake:
Before sanctions: 3400 calories per day (The highest in the region at that time)
Two thirds of Iraq's food was imported.
After sanctions: 2268 calories per day
94% of the FAO recommended minimum requirement

Before sanctions: 4%
After sanctions: 27%

Access to safe water:
Before sanctions:
Urban: 100%
Rural: 72%
After sanctions:
Urban: 85%
Rural: 48%

Access to sanitation:
Before sanctions:
Urban: 96%
Rural: 18%
After sanctions:
Urban: 79%
Rural: 31%


Before sanctions: Unknown
After sanctions: KWh27.3 billion

Before sanctions: Unknown
After sanctions: KWh25.389 billion

Telephone lines in use:
Before sanctions: 462,000
After sanctions: 675,000

Internet service provider
Before sanctions: Unknown
After sanctions: One ISP for 12,500 users

Television & radio
Before sanctions: Unknown
After sanctions: 13 TV broadcast stations, 3 radio stations

(Sources: FAO/UNESCO/WHO/World Bank Data.)


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