Adam vs God(s) 

Adam vs God(s)

For the purposes of discussion, I'll use the singular "god", rather than having to type "god/gods" throughout.

1) There is no proof god exists.

2) There is no prove god does not exist.

3) However, I find it very unlikely that god exists. The notion has no more validity than any other flight of fancy.

4) However, once again, I have no proof god doesn't exist.

5) To me, if there is a god, then it has absolutely no right to expect any form of worship, obedience, or respect unless it is actually a decent chap. If it's bad, and we're all going to be tortured for eternity after we die, then why bother giving it the time of day? So to get anything from us, it must in the end be decent.

6) I have the idea that god, if real, must care more about our hearts/spirits than about words written on paper. In which case, such a god must judge us based not on our nominal religion but on how we behave through this life.

7) So, that gives us:
- God may or may not exist, we have no proof either way.
- If yes, it judges us based on how we behave.
- If no, well, our fellows judge us on how we behave.

8) The drawback to religion: Given point 6, people spend ridiculous amounts of time and energy on irrelevent crap, and even do such crazy things as start wars based on those silly bits of paper. If they believe in a decent god, then they should stop wasting so much effort on crap, and concentrate on trying to make the world they live in a better place. Hell, we even have the biological drive to improve the world in which our offspring will live. Whether god exists or not, nature wants such improvement.

9) Is "getting into heaven" my only reason for wanting to behave decently, as I have mentioned? No. Since there is no proof of god's existence, god is irrelevent when determining one's morality/ethics. I believe in a natural reasoning, basing my behaviour on proven reality, on cause and effect. I do to others as they do to me.

Result) In the end, what does give me? If god doesn't exist, I'm trying to get out of life without making the world a worse place. Maybe I'll leave a few decent memories. Maybe I can write or invent something which may even impriove the world, if I'm lucky. If god does exist, it's bound to examine that as criteria for my state in eternity rather than whether I read some dumb-arse book written by humans. So, I can spend my time and effort on living well and trying to improve things rather than messing around with religion.

In short, religion is a waste of time.

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Comment Much of what we do is pointless. We spend billions probing the reaches of an infinite universe. We can never see it all (by definition). Does that mean we shouldn't do it? If there is no God then certainly religion is pointless. If there is a God, then religion is far from pointless. Without God life has no purpose. People who don't know God have no purpose other than self-indulgence. That is a pointless existence. God fulfills a basic need in our lives. People who know God know where they came from, why they are here and where they are going. I would would say that that is a very good reason for having religion. I once professed to being an atheist (until I was about 30)! As you can probably guess from my response I am a Christian. That does not mean that I believe all other religions are irrelevant. Each religion attempts to answer the same fundamental questions and to give people a sense of worth and purpose. Most people find them very satisfying. I have the answers that I once sought; whereas before I was always searching and wondering. There are very few unhappy people who have found God. People are strangely even happy in terrible poverty and destruction. There are many miserable people who lack God in there lives. In an effort to be satisfied they turn from one thing to the next to find contentment.... quest for wealth, drugs, alcohol and power. In the end these people never get what they want. They always want more. There is nothing bigger than God. When you have found God you can stop looking as I have.

Sat Aug 30, 2003 5:32 am MST by nudebynature

Comment ahh, this old chestnut. sorry adam but your not changing me. I was born a snake handler and I'll die a snake handler. Take Care PM PS we gonna play transhuman ever again?

Sat Aug 30, 2003 4:56 am MST by Anonymous

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