A simple question can get us started:

1) Is a man in a cage free, if he has no wish to leave that cage?

It seems to me there are two possible answers:

A) No. In which case we determine freedom based on the physical.

B) Yes. In which case freedom is in the mind.

No answers itself.

In the case of B, move forward...

However, if "yes", that gives us one more question:

2) Is the man in the cage aware of a world beyond his cage?

If the man is aware of all the world beyond his cage, and yet chooses to remain in his cage, is he:

A) Still help captive be fears and such? (which takes us back to 1)

B) Free, because he has veiwed all options and made a choice?

In the case of B, he is free.

However, if the man is not aware of the world beynd his cage, that gives rise to a third question:

3) Is ignorance bliss?

A) Ignorance of other options means slavery.

B) Ignorance of other options does not mean slavery.

Would anyone care to create further logical constructs, or answer the final two questions?

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Comment well, a man produces his own freedom and each one us have different ways of belief. if he choses to stay in the cage because he is afraid of the world beyond him...that is cowardness(for me). To be fair, if he choses that way of living, its all a matter preserving his life. Ignorance doesn't possess anyone. If u chose to be a slave or coward...for u then, that is freedom.

Sun Aug 10, 2003 10:46 am MST by Ms. Joryann

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