Welcome to you, welcome to me, welcome to everybody. My first post in my first blog. I thought I'd give it a shot after one of the few intelligent people I know started one.

So, what does one write in a log such as this? I shall perhaps include political opinions, maybe nice song lyrics, whatever I feel may be interesting at any given time.

Given the sheer volume of data making up the internet, I doubt that many people will ever see these pages of mine. But stranger things have happened, some of which I may comment on here.

If anyone in this rather large and busy world is interested in the thgouhts and words of this little joker, some of my essays can be found at

Oh, before I submit this post, perhaps I should introduce myself. I'm ex-navy, now a computer engineering student. An extreme leftist on many matters, extreme right on others, resulting mainly in dissatisfaction with the way of the world. I consider myself a hopeful cynic, unfortunately. Not unfortunate that I'm a cynic; rather, unfortunate that we live in a world which produces cynics.

Well, enough for now. I may be back later. Enjoy those essays, you who wish to read them. Bye.

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